About me

Lorenzo Durán

Madrid, Spain 1963

In the 80’s I worked in Madrid with some photographers as an assistant and also in print media. At the end of this decade, I worked in a studio, where I specialized in still life, fine art photography and in a black and white laboratory

In 1990, I opened my own studio and since then, I have continuously undertaken custom work for direct clients and advertising and communication agencies in various fields such as industrial, marketing and communication, advertising, corporate, architecture and interior fashion

Parallel to the contract work, I embarked on developing personal photography projects, which have been shown in different cultural halls and festivals:

  • Exhibition at Cultural Center Paco Rabal-Comunidad de Madrid. Madrid, Spain. 2019
  • Exhibition at Cultural Center Pilar Miró-Comunidad de Madrid. Madrid, Spain. 2018
  • Exhibition at Regional Museum – Claustres de l’Hospici, XIII Biennial International Photography Exhibition. Girona. Spain. 2018
  • Exhibition at “El Caliu” Cultural Center Els Catòlics. XII Biennial International Photography Exhibition Girona. Spain. 2016
  • ARCO 2016. Selection by Art District. Stand Clorofila Digital. Madrid. Spain. 2016
  • Exhibition at Espai Garum Gallery. Lliçà d’Amunt. Barcelona. Spain. 2015
  • Exhibition at Adolfo Suárez – Madrid Barajas Airport. Madrid. Spain. 2015
  • Exhibition at Esglesa Vella. Basaltades. Castellfollit de la Roca. Girona. Spain. 2015
    del 1 de agosto al 27 de septiembre 2015 BASALTADES 2015
  • Collective Exhibition at Esglesa Vella, Castellfollit de la Roca. Girona. Spain. 2014
  • Exhibition at Sala Oberta 2, Regional Museum of La Garrotxa. XI Biennial International Photography Exhibition. Olot. Girona. Spain. 2014
  • Exhibition at X Biennial International Photography Exhibition. Olot. Girona. Spain. 2012
  • Collective Exhibition at the Innovation Showroom of Clorofila Digital. Madrid. Spain.  2012
  • Exhibition at Artymagen Room, Zaragoza. Spain. 2011
  • Exhibition at the Building Exhibition Space UGT . Madrid. Spain. 2011
  • Exhibition in the Art program ‘Intruder’, Regional Center for the Humanities Cardinal Gozaga in La Cabrera. Madrid. Spain. 2009
  • Exhibition at the Plenary Hall of the City of Rascafría. Madrid. Spain. 2008
  • Exhibition at VIII Biennial International Photography Exhibition. Olot. Girona. Spain. 2008
  • Exhibition at VII Biennial International Photography Exhibition. Olot. Girona. Spain. 2006
  • Exhibition at Artymagen Room. Zaragoza. Spain. 2005


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